Hygienic papers

Production of Hygienic papers - SHP Group, a.s.

The SHP Group (Slovak Hygienic Paper Group) is a multinational company associating the group of production and business companies operating in the cellulose-paper industry. In its 2 slovak mills in SHP Harmanec, a.s. and SHP Slavošovce, a.s, the company makes 60 thousand tons of paper annually. 

Paper machine PS7 in Harmanec produces hygienic paper in range from 15 to 29 g/m2 in standard speed of 1550 m/min. 90% of semifinished goods is produced from recycled paper, in production process is possible to reach brightness of 50-80% ISO. Rest 10% of paper is produced from pulp. SHP Harmanec, a.s. is on a top of paper production focused on converting of this materials. Mill operates 9 converting lines with production capacity of 50 thousands tons annually. Mill in Harmanec is specialised on production of full spectrum of paper hygiene products - toilet papers, paper towels, hankies, facial tissues, for both retail and B2B segment. Branded products are certified by FSC and Blauer Engel certificates.

SHP Slavošovce a.s. produces celulose with EU Ecolabel certificate and its further converting. Paper machine PS8 produces hygienic paper in rance from 15 to 25 G/m2 in standard speed of 790 m/min. Semifinished goods are produced from pure celulose of  min.80 % ISO brightness. Further converting on 9 lines produces coloured and printed napkins and table runners. Production lines have a capacity of 10 400 tons annualy. Products are certified by FSC, Nordic Swan certificates and also fully certified for food contact.