Mission and goals

The aim of the Union is to carry out activities for the professional, economic, legal and social interests of its members, to represent them in relation to trade unions, other employers 'unions, associations of employers' unions, associations, ministries, government, parliament, unions and organizations abroad and other legal and natural persons. 

The most important goals include:

  • participation in the creation and commenting of new laws in the field of environmental laws and health and safety 
    (waste, packaging, forestry and water management, energy and transport)
  • in the field of labor law, concluding a higher-level collective agreement, including links to wage regulation
  • cooperation in the creation and amendment of legislation related to business activities in the field of standardization 
    and certification, in accordance with applicable EU and CEPI standards  
  • business, economic and social promotion of the industry in the country and abroad  
  • providing professional, information, analytical, consulting, legal and advisory services to members  
  • cooperation in creating the concept of vocational education and training  
  • compilation of statistical data on selected production indicators, in accordance with the indicators valid for the EU  
  • establishing relations with foreign organizations and unions  
  • organization of thematic conferences, seminars and meetings  
  • preparation of statistical yearbooks of the sector